Saturday, April 21, 2012

Kaszazz - Not just for papercrafting!

Hi Everybody! It's really really slack me finally reporting back to my very neglected little blog.

I can explain my whereabouts - honestly!!!!! I have just been busy sewing and avoiding my crafting table ever since I had a baby red belly snake deciding to make its new home under there!  So now I have decided to be brave enough to come back and be creative once again.

Anyway, before I start blogging my paper creations, I thought I would share with you all this gorgeous patchwork pot holder and owl shelf sitter that I made for a swap over at the Craftmad site.

Do you recognize the black pupils on the owl??? They are the largest black buttons sold by Kaszazz in the 2920 Embellishment - Buttons (108) Earth tones pack!

I love how I can combine my sewing and papercrafting addictions to make such fantastic creations.