Friday, July 23, 2010

C, D & E: A-Z Scrapbooking Album

I have really enjoyed myself today completing these three letters amongst the washing, folding and helping Braydon put in a new back door. The more letters I do, the more I want to keep going - I am really enjoying this year in review idea and even whilst hanging out the washing I was busily thinking of the next letter and what I can do for it.
The letter F - Fiji, Farnham and Family - just need one more!
G - Hmmm............

I probably should also mention that I had completed the D is for Daddy page last year and put in the 2010 Wellington Show - which it took out first place in the Scrapbooking Page Class. I won a certificate and also a $10 voucher at Snazzi Scrappin' (a Scrapbooking store in Dubbo NSW).

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