Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sept TTD

Vanessa and I travelled over to Forbes for Sept TTD. It was fantastic to be able to catch up with all the girls again - living in a country area it is a lot harder for us just to pop over etc.
This release is by far the best Kaszazz has offered so far - I love how Kaszazz listen to what their consultants and customers want and then provide it. Anyway, we played with lots of new stamps, papers and coloured rubons making the above scrapbooking layout and cards. We also made a really pretty flower using the new paper piercer - but I have manged to put mine "somewhere safe"!
The most awesome news on the day was the release of the Bellish! Ezy Press - I have since been lucky enough to get one myself and it is fantastic. So easy to use and I am just so in love with the embossing that it can do.

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