Thursday, December 8, 2011

Quick & Easy Christmas Gifts!

Hi All!

I know I have been somewhat MIA for a while now - but I am sure like me - you are all starting to feel the Christmas pressure with end of year functions, holiday plans to make and not to mention buying/making and wrapping those Christmas Presents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been busily making most of my Christmas Presents this year and thought I would show you the Post It Note holder that I have just whipped up for my Aunt for Christmas!
(Aunty Kath if you happen by chance to be reading this - STOP right now!)

What I really love about making Post It Note holder is that the acrylic frames are so cheap to pick up at Junk stores for around $2 - $3, post it notes from the same place can also be as cheap as $1 each and then I mainly use my paper scraps to make it! So at the cheapest - one of these can be made for as little as $3!

I have made so many of these now that I have lost count and like any good professional person, I am also yet to make one for myself! LOL! I am sure you can all guess what animal will be at the top of mine?????

Well I really should keep moving - more presents to make!





  2. Kelly, I can so relate to the missing in action thing. So glad you posted this wonderful project....I think I will have to copy this idea for a couple of gifts. That dog is cute.