Saturday, August 14, 2010

Cricut - Scrap Caddy

Well, both kids are finally in bed asleep, so I decided to sneak into my craft room for a bit of a play in order to hopefully brighten my mood!
My poor desk is so overloaded with everything that when I sat down most of it fell onto the floor - which was probably just as well - as the Scrap Caddy's that I had recently brought landed on top. So rather than just dumping them back on my desk - I decided to put my Cricut Cartridges into their new home.
I love my new Caddy's as they fit 8 cartridges, books & overlays comfortably in each one and then you can stack them on top of each other. I even lashed out and brought the strap that joins 2-3 together making them easier to transport.


  1. Thanks for sharing!! I have a cricut too. I was not sure about the caddy as I do not own that many cartridges. I think you have changed my mind lol... I think I will be looking at getting one now

  2. You won't regret getting one or two!
    I got mine from Custom Crops in America - but I think Scrappy-Go-Lucky now sell them too!