Monday, November 15, 2010

Stamped Candle

Hi Guys,  I know that this is not a Kaszazz stamp - but I just had to share this really simple idea with you all.  I learnt how to do stamped candles from a lovely lady called Jo Tritton at our last Ridgecrest Camp back in October.  I honestly thought that it was going to be hard - when really it is soooo simple.  You simply stamp your desired image onto white tissue paper and then trim with scissors, then place the stamped image onto a candle in the position you want then wrap the candle in a piece of wax pape to hold it in place.  You then gently heat with a heat gun and viola!  So simple.  I am planning on making a lot of these for teachers gifts etc this Christmas and even thought I could make one for my little Sister's YR 12 formal which is on this Friday using Dragonfly stamps.

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