Saturday, January 28, 2012

I have joined in some Swaps!!!!!!

Howdy All!

Recently I joined up to Craft Mad - which is a fantastic site offering all types of papercrafting and sewing ideas, tuts and swaps etc.  Well me being me - I immediately signed up for the January Card Swap and also the Jan Sewing Swap.

I can't show you yet what I have sent out to my lovely swap partners (as they are currently in transit as I type) - but I can show you all the lovely swaps that I have received!!!!!!!!!!

For the Card Swap the challenge was to create two cards using a recycled item found around the house and I was partnered up with the amazingly talented Beth from Huggies Crafts!

Can anybody guess what Beth's recycled household item was??????
It was paper napkins! How amazing is that?

As for the cards that I have sent Beth in return - I can tell you that it features pages from an old Readers Digest Book and also some old maps!!!!!

The Sewing swap was a 9" Fence Rail Block to go towards a Craft Mad Friendship lap quilt!
After sewing Christmas presents last year - it was nice to be back at my machine to create something for myself (well you know what I mean).  Each person suggested what colours they would like and each person was given three partners to create for/receive from.  As you can see from below - I went with Blues!!!!!

My lovely block from the talented Merry - who many of you might know from the UnstampaBelles Challenge blog site!

This gorgeous and Moo's favourite was made by Cathy from Cathy's Creative Corner!

And finally this lovely blue floral block from Annette.

I am really looking forward to continuing in both of these swaps over the year - if you are interested in joining in - head on over to the Craft Mad site and register today!



  1. those are awesome Kelly!!!

  2. These designs are not only elegant but very pretty as well.

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  3. love that double easel card that Beth has sent you it is a wonderful style. Those two other patches are so lovely too....wonderful fabrics. These swaps are so much fun.