Friday, July 8, 2011

Festive Friday

Hi All!

Well it has been a long time since I have actually posted a Festive Friday on a Friday! LOL!
It was by pure accident too I can assure you - I was cleaning my craft desk off so I could do a bit of sewing when I stumbled across an old Stamp It catalogue from back in the days when Crafty Kids sold them and also a piece of interesting striped paper.

So I used them to make......

Since the start of the Shopping Our Stash Challenge Blog - I haven't looked at my supplies quite the same - even other household stuff has been heavily critiscised on how I could use them in my card making! Watch out patty pans - I have an idea brewing in this head of mine! LOL!

Anyway, so that is another 2 Christmas cards towards Shirley-Anne's 50 Christmas Cards by the 1st Dec Challenge, bringing my total to........ 48!

PS - Isn't this cow sooo cute! My pal Annmaree got him for me!


  1. Awesome cards Kel! I love that you used the catalogue - great thinkin'!

    Don't worry, you're not alone on the patty pan thing - I got some gorgeous bright spotty one's the other day in a packet mix and there was a few spares ... they've been stashed in my studio hehe! :o)

  2. Hi Kelly, two more lovely cards, yeah, you only have two more to do for Shirley's challenge,

  3. OH THESE ROCK!!!!

    I totally love those images! and love the fibre and ribbon, very cool! Way to go doll!!!

  4. Love this image, and I love your cow! I must get back to making some more Xmas cards too!

  5. You have been busy.....great cards.