Monday, May 30, 2011

Australia's Biggest Morning Tea

Cancer Council's - Biggest Morning Tea!

I had always supported the Cancer Council with their many fundraising ventures each year, such as by selling Daffodil Day or Pink Ribbon Day merchandise and also by holding a Morning tea for my Kaszazz customers.

However, it was fours years ago now that I was on the other end of all this fundraising!
My Father In Law had been diagonsed with Terminal Cancer and eventually lost his fight three years ago. The support we received as a family from The Cancer Council was fantastic. Their counselling service in particular helped me immensly. goal this year is to raise $500 to help other families touched by Cancer!

Please help me to raise this amount by clicking on the Australia's Biggest Morning Tea picture under my blog title and donate on my official Biggest Morning Tea page.

For every person that donates to help me personally reach this goal  - I will email you the instructions of my goregous Hoo's Hoo Mini Album (which is not yet published)!
So be amongst the handful of people to make one for yourself before it goes online on the  Kaszazz Website.

Simply make a donation on my official page or by cash to me and either contact me at with your email address or leave your details in a comment below.

Thank you for all your support!


  1. awesome Mini album, all the best with the fundrasing!

    So Sorry to hear about your FIL, these charities do such great work and really deserve so much!!!

  2. Sorry about your sad news Kelly, I don't think there are many of us who haven't been touched by this disease. I am a cancer survivor, but my Dad and my uncle were not so lucky.I have been holding biggest morning teas for the past few years, and with the help of a friend, last year, we raised $500. So, I know you can do it! I will be hosting another one at home in May in conjunction with a New Product release DEMO! I will be thinking of you! x

  3. What a great looking album Kelly. Wishing you every success with your fundraising for the Biggest Morning tea. A very worthy cause. Sorry to hear about your FIL.

  4. hi kelly [ak] second daughter
    thank you for your comments i dont think i will get as good as you and annmaree your work is lovely

  5. I had better get my act together and get my invites out! BTW, you can check out the image on my blog now of my newly published project.:)

  6. Hi Kelly!! Welcome aboard my blog..and thanks to Annmaree too :)Good Luck in the give away and now I'm off to look around your lovely blog! Your followers list isn't working but I will be back to
    sign up:)
    Lynn x