Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mother's Day Gift

Hi All, just a really quick post as I am running way behind Today's To Do List!
Do you remember in an earlier post (in Jan 2011) that I showed you all the Owl Cricut Cover I made for my Mum?

Well.... for Mother's Day - I have made her a cute little owl notebook and matching bag with the leftover fabric. I also made her a cute little owl feltie to go in the bag.

I know it isn't much - but she said that she didn't need or want for anything. She just wanted Brekkie in bed and someone else to cook and clean for the day - due to location - I can't help her out on those - so I played it safe with a notebook which could be used for heaps of things.


  1. They look beautiful, what a nice present!

  2. OH I love the notebook and the feltie!!!! SO CUTE!!!

    Awesome Cricut cover and bag too, you rocked these!

  3. These are such wonderful items Kelly and so love the felt owl. :-)