Wednesday, May 11, 2011

SOS - Open House Challenge

Hi All!
I stumbled across this new Challenge Blog Shopping our Stash and I am thinking that it is going to be fantastic! At the moment they are offering some very sweet blog candy - check out the link on my right sidebar and today they annouced their first Challenge! They are kicking their site off with an Open House Challenge - to enter you just need to link a post showing a photo of your Crafting area! Simple as!

I know I have posted a photo before of my area - but things constantly change around here!

This shows the new white shelving unit I got for Mother's Day to house my Cricut and Cartridges - plus I have started making some paper animals from the Create A Critter cart to liven up my beautiful cement block wall! No - I didn't clean it for the photo either - I just haven't crafted for a while!

To the right of my L shape desks I have this really neat 24" deep cupboard that my baby BIL made. It houses my Scrapbooking Albums, my completed Kaszazz Card and Off the page samples, photo boxes up the top, my Ezy Press and any other bits and pieces I can shove in there. This is usually tidy - so still doing OK!

This is all the stuff that I have unpacked from the boxes looking for a particular item - but don't have a space for yet - so I have just dumped it on top of the brown cupboards which seperate the double garage into the Office / Craft Area and the kids playroom. The cupboards are full too - with sewing supplies, my Kaszazz Business paperwork, CM Pages and Protectors ready for scrapping and lots of other goodies! Whenever I am in a hurry to clean up, I tend to just dump it all on top of the smallest pile. Not a good habit I know.

So as you can see the Shopping Our Stash blog may be just what I need to get this mess under control. If you have some spare time, wander over and have a look.



  1. Kelly, your space is so pretty! But I totally understand that "crafting storm"... whoooo-boy do I understand! Once you get going it just gets hard to find a place to put everything. :D

    I'm so glad that you decided to post your pic with us over at SOS. Stay tuned for lots of fun challenges to come.

  2. OOH I love the stuff on your walls!

    My My My, thats a lot of stuff out about hehee!!!

    Was going to join that challenge, but I think I've shown my craftroom a hundred times already lol!

  3. Hi Kelly

    Gosh .. .. what a lot of lovely crafty stash you have!!

    I bet you could be locked in there for a year and not run out of things to play with!!

    Love Jules xx

  4. I am glad to see we are all the same! this challenge blog will let you start using some of that stuff up...thanks for joining us,

  5. how fun! i love seeing where and how people craft! are we all geniuses or what? this is super.

    hugs, stef (Glitterbabe)

    do check me out, my store and
    Glitterbabe@Stitchy Bear

  6. Awesome craft room Kel! I can see my fave colours (pink and green) there and even my fave animal (the cute cow on the wall) - love it! :o)

  7. I was pretty worried until I saw the crafting storm! YES! You ARE one of us! :) Thanks for playing along!

  8. Hey I am glad I am not the only one with towers of supplies! Thanks for the mention of our new challenge blog too! I look forward to more challenges with you at Shopping Our Stash!

  9. Great space & I love all the little critters on the wall too! Hope you'll join us for our first official challenge on the 24th, we'd love to have you play with us :)

  10. I love your term "crafting storm"! I know I would have fun finding shelter in your creative looking space!

  11. What great fun to take the journey in your crafting area. Love the crafting storm. My area looked like that all last month but on a smaller scale. :-)