Sunday, June 5, 2011

Kid's Card Birthday Party

Hi All!  Me again!

As promised - I wanted to show you all the stuff I taught at yesterday's Kid's Card birthday party. I had eight 8 year olds and one three? year old.  They all had a great time!

My samples - using Charlotte's bookmark from last year!

We started off making a chalked butterfly/flower bookmark using Perfect Medium. I love teaching this to kids as their little eyes light up at the "Magic"! We then went on to make a glitter flower gift card, Lollipop flowers using the large flower punches and finally a Butterfly wrapping paper and card set.

And finally a photo of the girls' creations! I love how they all turn out unique!

Hopefully this will kickstart my Kaszazz business up here in Coffs. I am also planning an Adult's Scrapbooking layout workshop for later this month. Wish me luck!



  1. Well done Kel, they look great! I will be gearing up for my kids workshops in the school holidays!

  2. Looks totally awesome!!!

    Love the glitter and bling!

  3. They look fantastic Kel and they all did such a wonderful job :o)

    G0ood luck with the scrapbook workshop too!!

  4. What a terrifc idea for a little girls party and a big girls party too. Wishing you lots of luck