Sunday, March 6, 2011

Festive Friday - 50 Xmas cards by 1st December

Hi All - sorry for the lateness of this post - not a good start when I am already running behind on the very first Festive Friday Challenge. Mind you I think I have excelled myself though - cause I made 9 Christmas Cards plus matching envelopes!!!!!!!!!

I should admit though I taught this card a couple of years ago at a Free Make & Take session and I had 9 pre-cut kits left over, so all I had to do was the stamping and then assemble them.
I now know how Annemaree feels - it is a fantastic feeling knowing that I now have a headstart on my Christmas Cards - leaving me to just get caught up in the Silly Season when it gets here and not to have to find the time to make my cards.


  1. Lovely cards Kelly! Clean and simple - just the way i like them :o)

  2. HOW AWESOME!!!!

    These are fabulous I love the stamps and colour, really cool

    and lol you could of waited til next friday ya duffer! But now you're already ahead of me!!!

    OOH Competitive now are we? hehe *eyebrows narrow*