Friday, April 15, 2011

Ballet Slippers Card

Just a quick post to show you all the ballet slippers card that I created the other day amongst cleaning the house for the bug men to come and spray this morning.

I was inspired by a cupcake card at  which I found when I was checking out all the entries into the Hey Cupcake Challenge over at Stamping Vacations.

Both of the cupcake stamps I had were the wrong size - so I used the ballet slippers instead. I am really happy with how this card turned out. All products are Kaszazz!

Charlotte saw this card and now wants to take up Ballet again! I would have to sell an awful lot of cards to buy her uniform - as she has just had a growth spurt - ARGH!!!!!! The only thing that still fits it the ballet cardigan that her Nanny Rhonda knitted her - which is the background for this card shoot.


  1. ooh I love this Ballet card, so pretty!

    Pretty cardigan too!

  2. So very pretty with just the right amount of bling and ribbon. Wonderful card.

  3. A beautiful card - love the ballet shoes image and the lacy edging too.

  4. That is so pretty I toook it when I was little too..Toe Tap and Ballett MEMORIES O MEMORIES.. HAHAHAHHA.. I was in a good will one day and u should have seen all the little costumes..If I had a grandaughter I would have snathced em up..