Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Twilight Inspired Box & Card

Hi All! Well it's a lovely wet cold and miserable day here today in Coffs.... but one of those perfect days for crafting and for bugging Annemaree with fixing up those little pesky things that were going wrong with my blog.
So a big thanks to my dear pal Annemaree for her help and her patience today - she also created some really cute signatures for me - so keep your eye out for the rest of them.

Anyhow, onto a crafty project..... I was inspired by the below workshop
2H717 - Red Apple Romance Box & Card
Created by: Genevieve Payne
(Contact me if you would like to do this workshop!)

to create a box and card for my sister who is totally in love with The Twilight Saga and is constantly changing from Team Edward to Team Jacob depending on her mood... LOL

I didn't have the same size box or the actual paper as the instructions - so I adapted it a lot to fit in with what scraps I had. I am happy with how it turned out and I know that my sister is going to be wrapt!

My apologies for the icky photos - now that I have fixed my blogger problems, it seems that I have camera issues too!



  1. OH WOW, this is really cool, love the apple! Neato gift idea for your sis!

    heee loving your dancing moo sig!

  2. This is so nice. Your sister and I have something in common love Twilight - so much that I made my MIL who lives in Seattle drive me 4 hours to Forks (yes I know thats a little lame)hehehe

  3. ooooooh I love this! I'm a twilight fan and I'm team Jacob all the way (shhhh don't tell hubby - he thinks I like the movies for their 'story lines' lol)

    Lovely work :o)

  4. What a beautiful love the colours. Great card too.