Monday, April 4, 2011

Pinkie's Birthday Presents

Hi All! Well I think it is safe to make this post now as my good friend Pinkie should have received her birthday parcel either on Friday or today at the very latest.
It was nothing fancy, lots of cow stuff for her office - as I was trying to keep the parcel light to avoid a hefty postage fee. The items I made are below - but there were also some other bits and pieces as well.

This is the card I made! I should point out that like me - Pinkie is black & white cow crazy!

I made her this cute little post-it note holder using an acrylic photo frame.

And finally I made her an extra large cow to stick on her office wall.

I used my Create A Critter catridge for these projects with the cow on the card cut out at 3" and the extra large wall cow cut out at 5 1/2". I can't take the credit for coming up with the cute post-it note holder idea - I found it on Carla's blog -
I hope you enjoyed my creations!