Saturday, April 16, 2011

I'm so excited.........

I am soooo excited, I have to share my great news with you all!

Ages ago I submitted my Becky Bear Scrunched SB Make & Take card into Kaszazz , I knew it had been accepted, I have just been patiently waiting for it to be uploaded to the Kaszazz Website and available for all Kaszazz consultants to use.

Anyway, reading yesterday's Kaszazz Star (our consultant's newsletter) I noticed that my card was there in black and white in the new to the website section.

I am just sooooo excited and honoured.

I know that this is a really simple card - but I came to create it by using up the scrappy pieces on my desk that I had accidently split my glass of water onto.

If anybody is in the Coffs Harbour area and would like to host a Make & Take Demostration where you could make one of these cards for FREE - please contact me at or leave a comment below with your contact details.


  1. LLOOOOOVE these, way to go Kel your are so creative and versatile with your stuff, its awesome to see!

  2. Congratulations, they are very pretty cards. Thank you for visiting my blog. I'm trying to get a head with my cards for Shirley's Xmas challenge as I'm going away soon and won't be making anything!

  3. wonderful to have some of your work in print. They are wonderful...what a great accident.

  4. Congratulations Kelly, you must be chuffed! Lovely cards, love the texture too! - Jane is really giving us a run with the Christmas Card Challenge! I'm trying to keep up with her.

  5. Congratulations on getting your work in print - I hope to achieve this one day! The cards look great you are very talented.