Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Farwell Card

Hi All! I was asked by our School P&C President to create a card for our current Principal who is leaving us after just one term as she has accepted a permanent Principal position in another school. Many of the parents have dubbed her as a "Mary Poppins" - she breezed into our school, worked her magic and then is breezing back out again. So I was given free creative rein with the exception of - if possible the card was to have an Umberella on it and it needed to be big enough for 36 children to write on it!

Thank God for Google! I stumbled across this site and found the perfect card to work from.  So I can't take credit for creating this card - just for making it and even then I had the help from my Little Sis who is up visiting at the moment.

The quote says - "Ïn every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. You find the fun, and - SNAP - the job's a game!" which was taken from the movie.

I have used a lot of bits and pieces for this card - the dot paper and the pearl antique brad are from Kaszazz, the image and quote came from google and I just printed it out on copy paper, the rosette was from the pressie that Annemaree gave me and I have no idea where red/black or red glitter bazzill, flower or ribbon came from.

Hopefully the card is what the President was hoping for and more importantly that the Principal loves it.

I am also going to enter this into the Stamping Vacation Challenge - Embellish It Challenge - Glitter.

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  1. OH I LOVE THIS!!!

    Did I ever tell you I LOVE Musicals and Julie Andrews? LOL.

    I love the flower embellishing the medallion, so glad you have a good use for it, sounds like a great principal that will be missed

    All the best!