Saturday, April 9, 2011

A very busy Week.....

Hello! I have been sooo busy for the last week - please bear with me for all that I have to show!

Firstly there were the Easter gifts I made for the kids to give their friends, teachers and bus driver.

These were for Will to give out to the kids at Playgroup. Nice and simple an egg in a patterned celophane bag.

I made these cute lolly stick rabbits for Charlotte to give out at school - all 40 of them - which is the entire school. 

I used my fav - the Create A Critter Cart and cut the bunnies out but using the shadow feature so they had thicker whiskers. I also cut the bellies out of paper but the inner ears and the facial features were all added in with pen. I brought the celophane tubes from a lady on EBay - who had a Santa on the top of hers as an example. I was going to put M&M's into them - until I worked out exactly how much it was going to cost.

These were the cute Chicken Egg Cup Cosies I made for Charlotte's teachers and her bus driver!
I can't remember the site I found these cuties on - I do know it was American though!

Then there was the Easter Bonnet that I made for Charlotte for her School Easter Bonnet parade yesterday!

My Mum used to make this exact style of bonnet for me in my Primary School days, so I have carried the tradition over for Charlotte

I definately have gotten my money out worths out of the Create A Critter cart. I would highly recommend this one to every Cricut Owner!


  1. WHOA!!! You have been super busy!

    Charlotte must be so popular with goodies like this to hand out to everyone!

    WAY TO GO! You did awesome with all this, you should feel so proud!

    Hope your happy and having a great weekend Dearie!

  2. You deserve a big rest now after all that!