Friday, April 15, 2011

Has anybody done this before.......

Hi Everybody!
A quick question - has anybody altered a card way way way after you have made it?
The reason I am asking is that I went to put my baby Hippo card into a cellophane bag so I could sell it and before I could even seal the bag - I had put some pale pink bling on it.
Am I the only crazy person out in blog land who does this????????


  1. Absolutely!!!

    I really have, several scrappages or cards I've changed soemthing, or even ripped em apart entirely to create it again hehe

    So you're not alone there, love the Hippy Hippo! and the background paper!

    Be Fabulous xoxo - its my new saying!

  2. OMG Kel, I just checked and you and I posted at the exact same time!! 12:48... are we like in sync or what??? *twilight zone music*

  3. I do this a lot. Some cards I seem to have forever so I do minor adjustments hoping that I finally get it right. Love the hippo.