Monday, April 11, 2011

A Farewell Gift for my Little Sis!

Hey! Just a really quick post before I take my little sister to the train station for her journey back to Uni after visiting us for the week.  She saw the post it note holder I made for Pinkie and kept harping on about how she would love a frog one!  So I created........

A Frog Post it Note Holder and a matching wall frog!

I so have to laugh though - I went back to the store to buy the 10x15cm acrylic frame and they were all sold out - so I had to buy the next size up - but even the next few stores I went to were sold out too! Has every crafty person in Coffs read my blog and is now making these too????


  1. Lol...I bet there are lots of these being made now Kelly as they are such a wonderful idea. These frogs are cute.


    But I swear I didn't tell anyone... yknow apart from my blog Followers lol... OMG wouldnt it be funny if a certain someone tried to do them in a class *cough cough*. :-|

    Love these, the frog is SO cute, I totally want that cartridge, its great!

  3. hi Kelly . I have seen a few around now so may be that is why they are out of stock . Love the frog image so cute ..lovely gift idea .

  4. I tagged you on my blog for a list of questions thingy, heee