Thursday, April 14, 2011

List of FOURS.....

Hello! My blogging Pal Annemaree from has tagged me to play along with the List of FOURS........ So here tis'!

Four Shows you Watch!
1. Stargate Universe
3. Masterchef or My Kitchen Rules
4. ABC2 - cause of the kids

Four things you are Passionate about!
1. My family/family time
2. Crafting whether paper or material
3. Baking (and eating it)
4. Sleeping - I am not a happy camper with limited sleep

Four words/phrases you say alot!
1.  I need ME time!
2. William James I just cleaned that!
3. Charlotte turn it down!
4. ARGH its a leech - Get it off!

Four things you have learnt about the past!
1. When your Mum says that you will understand once you have kids - she was sooo right.
2. Always put playdough into a well sealed container out of reach of kids
3. Money doesn't grow on trees (unfortunately)
4. To Do Lists do really help - but only if you write it down and follow it.

Four places you would like to go!
1. Disney Land
2. Ireland
3. Ulluru
4. Tasmaina

Four things you did yesterday!
1. Housework
2. Made Pumpkin soup for tea
3. Went blog hopping
4. Made a Ballet Slipper Card which I will post later

Four things you are looking forward to!
1. School going back
2. Scrap Me Happy in October
3. Selling or at least tenanting our house
4. Crafting with Annemaree for the day - without kids!

Four things you love about spring!
1. Newborn baby animals
2. Flowers in the garden
3. Perfect weather
4. Picnics at lunchtime

Now 4 people to tag along!
Dont forget to let them know
(I can't wait to find out a bit more about these very creative and talented ladies. Don't just take my word for it - hop on over to their blogs and check it out for yourself!)

I hope you all enjoyed my list of fours and hopefully now know me a little better - ot at least what makes me tick.  Cheers!


  1. hehe all sounds interesting!

    EW leeches, havent had one yet and I dont want one lol!

    Can't wait to see the slipper card!

  2. What an interesting read Kelly. Great fun. Gave me a smile about the leech as I do the exact same thing. :-)